Our mission is to promote the arts and crafts of Indigenous artists of Quebec.


Authentique Origine

2083 Rue Bagot, La Baie (Saguenay) Qc G7B 2P9

phone: 418-306-5757


Abenaki - Algonquins - Attikameks - Cree - Hurons

Innu - Maliseet - Micmacs - Mohawks - Naskapis.


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Tshinashkumitin (Thank you) in INNU


Brown dream catcher 3''

Brown dream catcher 3''


3 '' brown and turquoise dreamcatcher. Used mat..


Dream catcher 3 '' Tan yellow

Dream catcher 3 '' Tan yellow


3 '' DREAM CATCHER Tan yellow and goose feathers..


Ensemble spirituel

Ensemble spirituel



Feather earring

Feather earring


Feather earring Mounted on a stainless steel cl..


The Authentique Origine boutique opened its doors in June 2016, after a year of work, our mission is to promote the art and crafts of Indigenous artists from Quebec and Canada. All these people have First Nations culture at heart. We are proud to present our products to you and to offer you our best services. We like to enrich your visit to the store by explaining and presenting our articles to you. At Authentique Origine, you not only buy a product or an object, you buy a story, a passion of pride and above all you will know what you are buying! We are always looking for artists and craftsmen who will complement our variety of products in store. New products regularly to make your visit unforgettable and rewarding. Authentique Origine much more than a shop! We do not buy and resell any crafts from other countries that imitate Native American craftsmanship, On the contrary we deplore it, we encourage you to inform yourself before purchasing any products. Imitation coming from other countries that you find at lower costs, harmed the sustainability of our artists. As well as the essence of the products. Intention in the object is fundamental to us.

Dave and Bianca, Owners