leather bag

The precious and precious leather material, it speaks to us and inspires us ...


"Leather is a rich material that I love to work, I like the touch to remind me of the animal it covered. Each skin inspires me differently, they have their own story ... >>


Genuine leather is a natural product. It breathes, is warm, and has features that make each skin unique. The leather will always bear the marks of its natural origin, and these characteristics can be manifested in the form of scars, growth marks, areas with fiber density or uneven pore structure. These brands do not compromise the quality of the leather. These are signs that savvy buyers appreciate when they buy leather

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Moose leather bag #au0579-01

Moose leather bag #au0579-01


Moose leather bag store your spiritual and precious objects in a bag suitable..


Moose leather bag with fringe

Moose leather bag with fringe


Crafted with horsehair, porcupine quills and shells, this Indigenous bag is on..


Sac en cuir brodé

Sac en cuir brodé


Leather bag embroidered with the Montagnais flower Length: 5 inches. Width: ..


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