• Native Burning Herbs

Artemisia, cedar and white sage.
Instruction; Cover the herbs on a charcoal pellet. Use fireproof containers and never leave herbs burning unattended.


White sage “salvia apiana” also called wild sage. It is the most masculine of the Native American incenses. It is considered a very powerful purifier that has a protective action and disperses negative and heavy energies.

The cedar "thuya occidentalis" also called the Tree of Peace, has a perfect balance of masculine and feminine polarities. It is considered an excellent purifier that encourages prayer, serenity and calm.

Mugwort; This herbaceous or perennial aromatic shrub is widely used, in infusion or inhalation, to treat colds, coughs and respiratory diseases. It is also used as an enema or poultice for wounds, skin irritations and infections, blisters, strains, lesions and swellings, and as a bath for rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain. Several species are also burned during ceremonies as fumigation or protective incense. Among the main species used are A. campestris, A. tilesii, A. frigida, A. dracunculus, A. ludoviciana and A. tridentata.

Native Burning Herbs

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